XM-6005B TC 500 INDUSTRIAL, 2″ width

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Silver | 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

Reflective tape XM-6005B resists Industrial wash, it is made with Poly-Cotton backing for better durability and best suited for Heavy-duty EN 20471 workwear. High retro-reflection is guaranteed even after 40x Industrial wash cycles (or 100x Domestic).

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The XM-6005B Reflective Tape is industrial washable, has a poly-cotton backing for increased durability and is best suited for heavy duty EN 20471 workwear. High retroreflectivity is guaranteed even after 40x industrial (or 100x domestic) wash cycles. High quality micro-beads (R500-600) provide extra visibility for road workers. Available in 25mm, 50mm or custom widths.

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This reflective material is a textile fabric coated with a layer of resin containing numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated with a special adhesive. Light is reflected from these micro-lenses and bounces back to a car (or other light sources), making the person wearing reflective tape more visible in the dark. Reflective tape makes you more visible in the dark.

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ANSI 107 & CSA Z96 50×60°C Certificate of Compliance

XM-6005B: EN 20471 (50x75C)

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

XM-6005B: Technical datasheet




Area of use

High Visibility wear

Key features

50 Dry cleans, 50X75°C Industrial washes, In stock


ANSI 107, CSA Z96, EN 20471, Oeko-Tex 100


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XM-6005B TC 500 INDUSTRIAL, 2″ width
$1.16 per meter
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