XM-7011 MALTA-N, 2″ width

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Silver | 100% Meta-Aramid

Silver aramid FR reflective tape offers excellent flame retardant protection proven by NFPA 2112 /EN 469 certificates. It is also fully compliant to EN 20471/ANSI 107. Designed for extra High Visibility and for max protection of people working at the risk of flame or open fire.

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Silver Aramid FR Reflective Tape provides excellent flame retardant protection as certified by NFPA 2112 / EN 469. It also fully complies with EN 20471/ANSI 107. Designed for extra high visibility and maximum protection for people working in the presence of flames or open flames. For FR workwear, army/police, fire brigade uniforms.

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This reflective material is an aramid fabric coated with a layer of resin with numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated into this layer with a special adhesive. The light is reflected from these micro-lenses and comes back to a car (or other light sources), making the person wearing reflective tape more visible in the dark.

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XM-7011 MALTA-N, 2" width

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

XM-7011 MALTA-N, 2" width

XM-7011: Technical datasheet




Area of use

Firefighters clothing, FR clothing, High Visibility wear

Key features

50X60°C Domestic washes, Flame Retardant


EN 20471, EN 469, Oeko-Tex 100

Flame Resistant


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XM-7011 MALTA-N, 2″ width
$3.75 per meter
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