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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Be seen. Be safe.

    What is the reflective tape?

    Reflective tape is a kind of tape with the reflective feature, widely used in road safety, construction safety, etc.

    Reflective tape has two types, one is made of reflective film, the other one is made of reflective thread.

    The common reflective tape covers iron-on reflective tape & sew-on reflective tape for safety clothing, and reflective tape for car, trucks, trailers, etc engineering vehicles.

    How does reflective tape work?

    The reflective tape has the reflective feature, can reflect the light back to the light source by the surface coating, which is mixed miro glass beads or prismatic.

    The micro glass beads or prismatic can collect the light around the tapes, then reflect all light into one direction the same as light emissions.

    The retro-reflective tape works with micro glass beads

    The reflective tape works with prismatic

    Does reflective tape glow in the dark?

    The reflective tape will glow in the dark after meeting the lighting from road lights, car headlights,s or other light sources.

    In other words, the retro-reflective tape glows due to another light source, it is not an original light source, thus the sew-on reflective tape and reflective sheeting tapes can’t glow in the dark by themselves.

    When the light emissions on the reflective fabric tape, the light will be reflected into original source by the reflective layer on the reflective tape the same as below image.

    What is the best reflective tape?
    There are many types of retro-reflective tape, the best reflective tape is according to their applications. XM SilverLine’s Reflective tapes will introduce you to the best reflective tapes for workwear and FR fabric.
    What is the reflective tape used for?
    • PET safety vest.
    • Kids safety vest.
    • Runner Safety clothing.
    • Firefighter work clothing.
    • Casual clothing.
    • Safety Shirt.
    How to apply reflective tape?

    You can apply reflective tape by Sew-on or Iron-on.

    Where can you buy reflective tape?
    Reflective tape is a safety product, widely used in road safety, such as bikes, trucks, safety vests, etc. XM TEXTILES USA LLC is a leading reflective fabric tape for workwear and FR clothing manufacturer, providing quality retro-reflective tape at a competitive price, if you are looking for reflective fabric products, please feel free to contact us for more details.
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