XM-7012 IBIZA-N, 2″ width

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Orange-Silver | 100% Meta-Aramid

Orange-Silver aramid FR reflective trim offers excellent flame retardant protection proven by NFPA 2112 / EN 469 certificates. It is specially designed for High Visibility and to ensure maximum protection of people working at the risk of flame, sparks or open fire. It can be sewn onto FR workwear or firefighters uniform.

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Orange-Silver Aramid FR Reflective Tape provides excellent flame retardant protection as certified by NFPA 2112 / EN 469. It is specifically designed for high visibility and to provide maximum protection for people working in the presence of flames, sparks or open flames. It can be sewn onto FR work wear or firefighter uniforms.

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This reflective material is an aramid fabric coated with a layer of resin containing numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated with a special adhesive. Light is reflected from these micro-lenses and bounces back to a car (or other light source), making the person wearing the reflective tape more visible in the dark.

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XM-7012 IBIZA-N, 2" width

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

XM-7012 IBIZA-N, 2" width

XM-7012: Technical datasheet




Area of use

Firefighters clothing, FR clothing, High Visibility wear

Key features

50X60°C Domestic washes, Flame Retardant


Oeko-Tex 100

Flame Resistant


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XM-7012 IBIZA-N, 2″ width
$3.50 per meter
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