XM-6010 CORSICA, 2″ width

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Yellow-Silver | 100% Cotton

Yellow-Silver FR Reflective Trim Provides Flame Retardant Protection Certified to NFPA 2112 & EN 469.

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Our Yellow-Silver FR Reflective Trim is designed for use on fire-resistant clothing and firefighting uniforms. It offers high visibility while resisting heat and fire, making it ideal for use on FR jackets, pants, and turnout gear. This reflective material consists of a textile fabric coated with a layer of flame-retardant resin that contains numerous glass micro-lenses.

These micro-lenses reflect and redirect light, making the wearer more visible at night or in low-light conditions. Sew on this reflective tape to your FR garments for added safety and protection.

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XM-6010: EN 469, EN 15384

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

XM-6010: EN 469 (50×60°C, 50×75°C)

XM-6010: EN 20471 (50×60°C, 50×75°C)

XM-6010: NBR 15292 (25×60°C)

XM-6010: Technical datasheet




Area of use

Firefighters clothing, FR clothing, High Visibility wear

Key features

30 Dry cleans, 50X75°C Industrial washes, Flame Retardant


EN 20471, EN 469, Oeko-Tex 100

Flame Resistant


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