Silver heat transfer reflective tape XM-6007 renewed EN 20471 Certificate

Kettering, UK – JANUARY 12, 2021 – XM SilverLine announced today its XM-6007 heat transfer reflective tape has been certified by the SATRA lab (UK) to EN 20471 safety standards.

XM-6007 HT, 1″ width

XM-6007 HT is our first and best selling reflective tape with in our product range of Heat transfer (Iron-on) tapes.

The certification is another milestone in our development of reflective tapes with enhanced comfort for Workers, First responders and Industrial workers.

EN20471 certification involved several tests, for retro-reflective performance as new and after different test exposures like Abrasion, Flexing, Folding at cold temperatures, Rainfall, Domestic washing 50 cycles at 60°C, Colour performance, Xenon light and Heat Resistance.

Now we can say XM-6007 has reached high level of durability and performance to PASS the certification and go to the clients.

XM-6007: EN 20471 (50×60°C)

Certificate of Test
ProductRetro-reflective Separate Performance Material – XM-6007
Test DataEN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016 
6.1Retro-reflective performance of new materialPASS
6.2Retro-reflective performance after test exposure – Abrasion, flexing, folding at cold temperature, & temperature variation Under the influence of rainfallPASS
6.2Retro-reflectivity after domestic washing (ISO6330 6N), 50 cycles, 60°C with 80°C tumble dryingPASS

The XM-6007 reflective tape is designed to bring new level of comfort for all the wearers of High Visibility and FR-clothing. We do hope our clients appreciate its style and comfort. More information about the tape you can find on XM-6007 product page.

To order this heat transfer reflective tape, please ask your manager. We have the XM-6007 in stock in our European warehouses (Vilnius and Bucharest).

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