New Yellow Segmented tape meets EN469 & EN20471

Kettering, UK – SEPTEMBER 02, 2020 – XM SilverLine announced today its XM-8104/10C reflective tape has been certified by the SATRA lab (UKAS) to EN 20471 and EN 469 safety standards. Liso HTS is a nickname for XM-8104/10C, where HTS states for Heat Transfer Segmented and Liso means smooth (from Spanish).

XM-8104/10C LISO-Y HTS, 2″ width

Liso HTS is a third reflective tape with a Segmented design in our product range of Heat transfer (Iron-on) tapes with Flame Resistant properties. The first two tapes are XM-8011C and XM-8010C and you can click here to find more details about them.

The certification is another milestone in our development of reflective tapes with enhanced comfort for Firefighters, Police, First responders and Industrial workers. FR-clothing with our Segmented reflective tapes allows more freedom in movements, less weight and better air-permeability.

EN469 & EN20471 certification involved 12 tests, for retro-reflective performance as new and after different test exposures like Abrasion, Flexing, Folding at cold temperatures, Rainfall, Domestic washing 20 cycles at 60C, Colour performance, Xenon light, Limited Flame spread and Heat Resistance.

XM-8104/10C: EN 20471, EN 15384 (80×40°C)

XM-8104/10C: EN 469, EN 15384 (80×40°C)

It took our R&D team about 3 years to create a product like the XM-8104/10С. It was a long and technically challenging way to match all the components, including FR-additives, top-grade glass beads, epoxy resin, special glue, polyurethane, liner etc. Finally, Liso HTS has reached high level of durability and performance to PASS the certification and go to the clients.

Certificate of Test
Product Retro-reflective Separate Performance Material – XM-8104/10C Liso-Y HTS Flame Resistance Heat Transfer Yellow Tape, PU-Polyester, Segmented
Test Data EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016  
6.1 Retro-reflective performance of new material PASS
6.2 Retro-reflective performance after test exposure – Abrasion, flexing, folding at cold temperature, & temperature variation Under the influence of rainfall PASS
6.2 Retro-reflectivity after domestic washing (ISO6330 6N), 20 cycles, 60°C with 80°C tumble drying PASS
5.1.2 Colour performance requirements of new materials – Combined performance Material PASS
5.2 Colour performance requirements after xenon light – Combined performance Material PASS
7.3 Colour performance requirements after washing, as above – Combined Performance material PASS
  EN 469:2020  
  All testing below domistic washing (EN6330 6N), 20 cycles, 60°C with 80°C tymble drying Limited flame spread after washing, as above PASS Retro-reflectivity in compliance with EN ISO 20471 PASS Heat resistance 180°C after 5 min, exposure PASS

The XM-8104/10C reflective tape is designed to bring new level of comfort for all the wearers of High Visibility and FR-clothing. We do hope our clients appreciate its style and comfort. More information about the tape you can find on XM-8104/10C product page.

To order new Liso HTS tape, please ask your manager. We have the XM-8104/10C in stock in our European warehouses (Vilnius and Bucharest).

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