Segmented reflective tape XM-6007C is EN 20471 certified

Reflective tape XM-6007C is designed for better flexibility of HiVis clothing. The tape is segmented and it allows to the wearer’s body more comfort and breathability.

This reflective tape is especially useful when applied to soft-shell kind of jackets or pants. As soft-shell fabric stretching, XM-6007C tape is easily stretching along with the fabric. The tape can be applied by Heat Transfer to EN 20471 vests, jackets, pants and increases the visibility of workers.

XM SilverLine™ recommends to wash XM-6007C in mild conditions. The tape has been tested for 25 cycles of domestic washes at 60oC.

In December, 2017, this reflective tape has been tested in a laboratory SATRA (UK) and received EN 20471 certificate.

All the following tests has been passed, what confirms the high quality of reflective tape XM-6007C:

  • 7500 Flexion cycles – PASS (R=345 cd/lxm2)
  • 5000 Abrasion cycles – PASS (R=286 cd/lxm2),
  • Folding at cold temperatures at -20°C – PASS (R=336 cd/lxm2),
  • Temperature variation – PASS (R=338 cd/lxm2),
  • Rainfall influence tests – PASS (R=102 cd/lxm2),
  • Dry cleaning – PASS

It is important that the reflective tape keeps it reflective performance even after repeat washes.

XM-6007C has had a reflective performance R>129 cd/lxm2, after 25 domestic washings at 60oC.

This value is above the requirement of EN 20471 norm (R>100 cd/lxm2).

You can have a look at several different types of design of reflective tape XM-6007C on the product page. Here you can also check the certificate EN 20471 and instructions how to apply it to HiVis clothes.

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