Reflective tape XM-6034 received a certificate EN 20471 in SATRA laboratory

Fluorescent polycotton yellow combined performance retro-reflective tape XM-6034 has good reflectivity. It is used for High Vis clothing and helps to increase visibility in a daylight and at nighttime. Polyester blended with cotton makes this reflective tape more durable, than pure cotton tape.

In April 2020 the last batch of this reflective tape received a certificate EN 20471 in SATRA laboratory.

Among the tests for compliance to EN 20471 were:

  • Retro-reflective performance of new material – PASS;
  • Retro-reflective performance after test exposure:
    • Abrasion – PASS – 78.7 cd/(lx*m2);
    • Flexing – PASS – 79.2 cd/(lx*m2);
    • Folding at cold temperature – PASS – 88.8 cd/(lx*m2);
    • Temperature variation – PASS – 82.2 cd/(lx*m2);
    • The influence of rainfall – PASS – 42.2 cd/(lx*m2).
  • Domestic washing ISO 6330 6N 60oCx20 cycles – PASS with good reflectivity results – 30.8 cd/(lx*m2).

Now you can get acquainted with the reflective tape XM-6034 and order a sample to make sure of the characteristics on the product page.

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