Reflective tape: how to attract attention to your style

The company XM SilverLine produces reflective tapes and trims for safety in the workplaces. Our reflective tapes are used for the manufacture of high-visibility clothing for workers, firefighters, police officers, and anyone who needs to have increased visibility in the dark.
Reflective tapes make a person more visible on the road, thereby increasing safety. In order to attract maximum attention to their style and we offer to meet with heat-trasfer segmented reflective tape XM-6007C.
Let us list some its advantages:

  • 1. The tape XM-6007C highly reflective ability (reflectivity) >400 cd/m2.
  • 2. In addition to the standard width of 5 cm. you can choose a different width, which will allow for even greater individualisation use reflective tape at a clothing factory.
  • 3. The unique segmented design.
  • 4. In an industrial environment segmented reflective heat transfer tape XM-6007C is applied with a hot thermo and at home – with a hot iron.

Finally, in 2016 we expanded the range of segmented patterns reflective tape XM-6007C. Choose the one that is best combined with the design of work clothes or uniforms. So you will be able to emphasize your own professional style of dress that has made many of our customers.
You can learn more about reflective tape XM-6007C on the product page.

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