FR Reflective tape XM-7010 has successfully passed the tests for EN 20471 and EN 469

Flame retardant reflective tape XM SilverLine XM-7010, made of 100% meta-aramid specially for protective clothing of people engaged in flammable conditions: firefighters, welders, rescuers. It has proved itself not only thanks to its high resistance to washing, but also excellent reflective ability (> 450 cd/lx*m²).

In April, 2018 in SATRA (UK) laboratory) reflective tape XM-7010 have been tested in extreme conditions of thousands of cycles of abrasion, flexion, flexing etc.

Namely, the tape has been exposed to the following physical examinations of EN 20471:

  • Retro-reflective performance of new separate performance materials – PASS;
  • Color performance requirements of new materials – PASS;
  • Retro-reflective performance after 5000 Abrasion cycles  – PASS – (393 cd/lx*m²);
  • Retro-reflective performance after 7500 Flexing cycles – PASS – (365 cd/lx*m²);
  • Retro-reflective performance after Folding at cold temperature at -20°C – PASS – (367 cd/lx*m²);
  • Retro-reflective performance after Temperature variation – PASS – (394 cd/lx*m²);
  • Domestic washing, (ISO 6330) – 50 cycles, 60°С & low-heat tumble dry – PASS,
  • Retro-reflective performance after Influence of rainfall – PASS – (249 cd/lx*m²),
  • Dry cleaning cycles (ISO 3175) – 30 cycles, normal cycle, no restrictions tetracloroethylene (perchloroethylene) – PASS – (388 cd/lx*m²).

According to SATRA results, XM-7010 reflective tape confirmed its high quality and maximum performance while showing excellent flame retardant properties.

It is also important that the XM-7010 reflective tape has confirmed its resistance to to 30 dry cleanings.

There was also additional testing done to conform to EN 469, which was also passed:

  • Heat Resistance – PASS,
  • Limited Flame Spread – new material – PASS,
  • Limited Flame Spread – after washing 50 cycles, 60°C & low-heat tumble dry – PASS.

Excellent reflective and flame resistant performance has been demonstrated during all the tests by XM-7010 tape, what confirmed high quality of our reflective tapes. With XM SilverLine™ you can always be sure in your safety and always have EN 469 & EN 20471 certificates at hand.

You can find additional information on the product page.

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