Flame retardant reflective tape XM-6010 renewed EN 469 and EN 20471 Certificate

Flame retardant reflective tape is the most popular and demanded in the assortment of the company XM SilverLine. It is designed for firefighter clothing and high visibility clothing.

This year, this reflective tape has expired certificate validity for compliance with the standards EN469 and EN20471. That is why we sent a reflective tape from a new batch for testing to the SATRA  laboratory in the UK.

As a result, all tests for compliance with the standard EN 20471 were successfully passed:

  • Retro-reflective performance of new material – PASS
  • Retro-reflective performance after test exposure

    • Abrasion – 432 cd/(lx*m2) – PASS
    • Flexing – 449 cd/(lx*m2) – PASS
    • Folding at cold temperature – 465 cd/(lx*m2) – PASS
    • Temperature variation – 467 cd/(lx*m2) – PASS
    • Under the influence of rainfall – 252 cd/(lx*m2) – PASS
    • Retro-reflectivity Domestic washing (ISO 6330, 6N+F) 50 cycles, 60°C with normal heat tumble drying after each wash – 166 cd/(lx*m2) – PASS
    • Retro-reflectivity after Industrial washing (ISO 15797, Method 8), 75°C washing with 90°C tumble drying, 50 cycles – 182 cd/(lx*m2)– PASS
    • Dry Cleaning (ISO3175, Normal) 30 cycles – 475 cd/(lx*m2) – PASS

The tests of EN 469 showed the following results:

  • As received – PASS
  • after ISO 6330 60°C, 50 cycles – PASS
  • ISO 15797, (Method 8), 75°C washing with 90°C tumble dry, 50 cycles – PASS
  • after ISO 3175-2, 30 cycles – PASS

February 26, 2019 this certificate was successfully received.

This excellent performance, we have achieved thanks to the extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of reflective fabric for high visibility clothing.

You can find the new version of the certificate on the page of the XM-6010 reflective tape or by requesting a sample tape from our managers.

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