EN 469 & EN 20471 for Perforated reflective tape XM-7010P

Reflective tape XM-7010P is made with Meta-Aramid and perforated for extra breathability. Micro-holes allow more air-circulation and easier output of perspiration helping body do not be overheated. It can be sewn onto FR industrial workwear or firefighters uniform. This reflective tape endures 50 washes and has been certified to EN 469 & EN 20471.

XM SilverLine™ develops reflective materials for better visibility of road workers, police, firefighters and for all those who needs to be more visible to stay safe.

In April 2018 SATRA lab (UK) has tested the reflective tape XM-7010P, according to the standard EN 20471 & EN 469 to the following tests:

EN 20471 tests:

  • Retro-reflective performance after 5000 Abrasion cycles – PASS (Ra=373),
  • Retro-reflective performance after 7500 Flexing cycles – PASS (Ra=398),
  • Retro-reflective performance after Folding at cold temperature at -20°C – PASS ((Ra=397),
  • Retro-reflective performance after Temperature variation – PASS (Ra=428),
  • Retro-reflective performance after Influence of rainfall – PASS (Ra=279).


EN 469 tests:

  • Heat Resistance – PASS,
  • Limited Flame Spread – new material – PASS,
  • Limited Flame Spread – after washing 50 cycles, 60°C & low-heat tumble dry – PASS.


Flame retardant reflective tape XM-7010P also confirmed the high resistance to 30 cycles of dry washing with reflectivity 388 cd/lx*m².

Minimum coefficient of retrorefflection for separate performance reflective tape according to EN 20471:2013 & EN 469:2005 should be Ra>330 cd/lx*m2

The results of the tests confirmed the high quality of the reflective tape XM-7010P and its suitability for fr clotthing and firefighters clothing.


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