XM-7104 FR reflective tape has passed EN 469


Our new flame retardant reflective tape XM-7104 designed and manufactured by XM SilverLine for  for people who work with open fire or risk of fire.

In July, 2015 our flame retardant reflective tape XM-7104/10 LISO-10 has been tested for flame resistance according to EN 469 (Protective clothing for fire fighting).

The testing of XM-7104 fire resistant reflective tape was done at independent international laboratory AITEX (Spain), which is one of the leading testing centers in Europe.

XM-7104 FR-TAPE Flame Resistant |Yellow Reflective Material |100% Cotton has been certified to EN 469 with perfect

  • Heat Resistance properties
  • and Flame Spread – Index 3 (The flame does not spread, there are no flaming debris, no afterglow, no hole formation, the afterflame times of each individual specimen is less than 2 seconds).

No flaming to top or side edge of the fr-tape occurs, as well as no post after-flame or after-glow, which is perfectly met the norm of EN 469.

The reflective tape has passed the test for 100 washings cycles at 60°C.

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More information about XM SilverLine XM-7104 LISO fr-reflective tape you can find here.

Perforated reflective tape XM-6010P complies with NFPA 2112
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