Why XM SilverLine™?

XM SilverLine: High-Quality Reflective Tapes for Hi-Vis Clothing

At XM SilverLine, we offer the highest quality reflective tapes for Hi-Vis clothing. Our durable SilverLine tapes are known for their 50 wash resistance, ensuring that they remain effective and reliable even with frequent use.

We offer a wide variety of reflective tapes, allowing our customers to create unique designs for their Hi-Vis clothing. Our sew-on and heat transfer tapes are also available in Flame Retardant quality, ensuring that they offer both visibility and safety.

Our reflective tapes are EN 20471 & EN 469 certified, making them ideal for CE-confirmed Protective and Firefighters uniform. With XM SilverLine, you can rest assured knowing that your Hi-Vis clothing meets the necessary safety standards.

Choose XM SilverLine for the highest quality reflective tapes for your Hi-Vis clothing needs.

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