XM-6007C Segmented HT Reflective tape

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  • Reflective Tape XM 6007C
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Segmented Heat Transfer Silver Reflective Tape – 100% Polyester

  1. Heat transfer
  2. Glass beads: Ra>350
  3. 100% Polyester
  4. Roll size: 5cm x 100m
  5. 25x wash at 60oC (140oF)
  6. EU Certification: EN 20471
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Segmented Silver heat transfer reflective trim with excellent retro-reflectivity. Features extra breathability due to segmented design. It is recomended to use for EN 20471 knit clothing to have safe, functional and comfortable workwear. By mean of a heat press or by simple ironing you can add this reflective trim to workwear adding safety and style at work.

Weight0.018 kg



Colour & Width

Silver 5 cm

Reflectivity, R

HS code (NCM code)


Volume, CBM (1 box)

0,026 CBM

1 roll length

100 meters

1 roll weight

1.55 kgs

Number of rolls in 1 box

10 rolls

Weight netto of 1 box

15.5 kgs

Weight brutto of 1 box


Total meters in 1 box

1000 meters



washmashine25 wash at 60°C
new-rollRoll length 100m

xm 6007c reflective tape logo

Segmented reflective tape XM-6007C is EN 20471 certified

Reflective tape XM-6007C is designed for better flexibility of HiVis clothing. The tape is segmented and it allows to the wearer's body more comfort and breathability. This reflective tape is especially useful when applied to soft-shell kind of jackets or pants. As soft-shell fabric stretching, XM-6007C tape is easily stretching along with the fabric. The tape can be applied by Heat Transfer to EN 20471 vests, jackets, pants and increases (Read more...)
xm 6007с style news

Reflective tape: how to attract attention to your style

The company XM SilverLine produces reflective tapes and trims for safety in the workplaces. Our reflective tapes are used for the manufacture of high-visibility clothing for workers, firefighters, police officers, and anyone who needs to have increased visibility in the dark. Reflective tapes make a person more visible on the road, thereby increasing safety. In order to attract maximum attention to their style and we offer to meet with heat-trasfer (Read more...)
XM SIlverLine Reflective Tape XM 6007c 10

How to apply reflective tape XM-6007C

XM Silverline designs and manufactures several types of heat transfer reflective materials. This kind of reflectives used a lot both for personalisation of the workwear as well as for High Visibility clothing. Adding a company name and a logo makes work clothing more individual and fashionable. Moreover, workwear with reflective stripes and images can save your life on the road or in low visibility places/conditions. There is a standard EN (Read more...)

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