XM-7010 FR Reflective tape (Aramid)

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Flame Resistant – Yellow-Silver Reflective tape – 100% Meta-Aramid

  1. Sew-on
  2. Glass beads: Ra>450
  3. 100% Meta-Aramid FR
  4. Roll size: 5cm x 100m
  5. 100x wash at 60°C (140°F)
  6. USA certification: NFPA 2112*
  7. Brazil certification: NBR 15292

Yellow-Silver aramid FR reflective trim offers excellent flame retardant protection proven by NFPA 2112/ EN 469 certificates. Specially designed for High Visibility and to ensure maximum protection of people working at the risk of flame or open fire. It can be sewn on FR industrial work wear or firefighters uniform.

This Reflective Material is a Aramid Fabric coated with a layer of resin with numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated with a special glue into this layer. The light reflects from these micro-lenses and comes back to a car (or other source of light) making the person wearing reflective tape more visual in the dark.

Weight0.02 kg



Colour & Width

Yellow 5 cm / Silver 2 cm

Reflectivity, R

HS code (NCM code)


Volume, CBM (1 box)

0.0365 CBM

1 roll length

100 meters

1 roll weight

2.6 kgs

Number of rolls in 1 box

6 rolls

Weight netto of 1 box

15.6 kgs

Weight brutto of 1 box

16,5 kgs

Total meters in 1 box

600 meters


, , ,



washmashine100 wash at 60°C
dryclean5 dry cleans
new-rollRoll length 100m


FR Reflective tape XM-7010 has successfully passed the tests for EN 20471 and EN 469

Flame retardant reflective tape XM SilverLine XM-7010, made of 100% meta-aramid specially for protective clothing of people engaged in flammable conditions: firefighters, welders, rescuers. It has proved itself not only thanks to its high resistance to washing, but also excellent reflective ability (> 450cd/lx*m²). In April, 2018 in SATRA (UK) laboratory) reflective tape XM-7010 have been tested in extreme conditions of thousands of cycles of abrasion, flexion, flexing etc. Namely, (Read more...)
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XM-7010 passed EN 20471 & EN 469 certification in UK

Reflective tape XM-7010 is specially designed for firefighters. This Yellow-silver flame resistant triple trim is made with Meta-aramid backing, which is inherently non-flammable. XM-7010 should be sewn on to firefighters gear or turnout gear only with aramid sewing threads to keep the protective properties of the whole ensemble. When properly sewn on, this reflective tape adds High Visibility to FR clothing and make firefighters more visible and more safe. In (Read more...)
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XM-7010 has received NBR 15292 Certificate

Many countries of European Union, Asia-Pacific and Latin America have their own requirements for the use of protective and reflective materials to manufacture of clothing for workers, firefighters and police officers. In Brazil, these issues are handled by a specially created Brazilian National Standards Organization (ABNT). It develops quality standards that apply to specialized products for workwear. XM SIlverLine company knows about the requirements of reflective fire retardant product buyers (Read more...)

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