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Silver | PU+Polyester

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Flame Retardant HT – Reflective tape

Key features: Flame retardant, Heat transfer, Oeko-Tex

Certifications: EN 469, EN 20471, OEKO-TEX 100

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Reflective tape XM-8011 in Silver colour with Flame Resistant properties. Designed for Heat Transfer application on FR-workwear and Firefighters clothing.

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This silver heat transfer reflective tape is made for High Visibility of Firefighters, Oil and Gas workers, Police, etc.

Certified to EN469 and EN20471, XM-8011 tape resists 50 wash cycles at 60°C.

It is used for FR-rainwear (jacket, pants, etc) or FR-jackets, pants, overalls when stitching is not recommended.

XM-8011 is a high-tech material and its adhesive properties vary depending on type of fr fabric. We advise you before the first use to check the grip of the tape by applying it on a certain FR-clothing. It is also useful to make trial washes of fr-clothing with applied reflective tape.

Please use heat press or iron to apply this reflective tape to your FR-clothing. Do not dry-clean.

This Reflective Material is a PU+Polyester resin with numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated into adhesive layer and placed on a film liner. The light reflects from these micro-lenses and comes back to a car (or other sources of light) making the person wearing reflective tape more visible in the dark.

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  • Key features: Flame retardant, Oeko-Tex
  • Area of use: FR-clothing

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  • Application: Heat Transfer
  • Type: Glass micro-beads (Beaded)
  • Reflectivity, >: 500
  • Wash Performance: 50×60°C
  • Design: Single colour
  • Colour: Silver
  • Brand: XM SIlverLine
  • Flame Resistance: Flame retardant
  • Product category: Reflective tape
  • Lab’s report: AITEX (Spain), TESTEX (Switz.)

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EN 20471 50×60°C
EN 469 50×60°C
OEKO-TEX 100 Class 2

Check out our Certifications for this Reflective tape:​

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

XM-8011 (ex. XM-6015): EN 469 (50×60°C)

XM-8011 (ex. XM-6015): EN 20471 (50×60°C)

XM-8011: Technical Datasheet

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This reflective tape has been tested and certified after the following number of wash cycles:

  • 50x60°C wash EN 20471
  • 50x60°C wash EN 469

XM-8011 Care Instructions

Wash: Machine Wash Warm, 40°C

Bleach: Do not bleach

Dry: Tumble Dry Low, 55°C

Dry-clean: Do not dry clean

Iron: Iron at low temperature, 110°C
Keep in cool dry place, with no direct sunlight
FR-clothing or HighVis clothing with this reflective tapes should be washed and cleaned by the above recommendations.

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