FR Reflective tape XM-6012 has passed NFPA 2112 after 100x wash cycles


Orange-Silver flame retardant reflective tape XM-6012 is designed for High Visibility and to ensure maximum protection of people working at the risk of flame, sparks or open fire.

It can be sewn onto FR industrial work wear and especially to firefighters uniform.

Reflective tape XM-6012 is made of 100% Flame retardant cotton and flame resistant properties are super-durable and do not washed out even after one hundred washes.

In June 2014, the high efficiency and compliance with the NFPA 2112 Standards of our XM-6012 reflective tape was confirmed by tests conducted in the Aitex Laboratory in Spain.

Excellent protection from fire is fully compliant to the requirements of NFPA 2112:2012:

  • No specimen shall give flaming of molten debris – PASS,
  • The mean value of after flame time shall be ≤2 s – PASS,
  • No hardware can ignite – PASS,
  • No hardware can melt or drip – PASS,
  • No hardware can separate – PASS,
  • Flame resistance test. Vertical test (as received and after 100x wash cycles – PASS,
  • Heat and thermal shrinkage resistance test (as received) – PASS.

    This is a great news, as all our clients now can be assured one more time of the high quality of XM SilverLine reflective tapes.

    If you want to find more information, go to the product page.

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