XM Textiles & XM SilverLine at A+A 2019 | 05-08 November | Our stand B14, Hall 10

Our company warmly invites you to visit our stand B14 in Hall 10 at A+A 2019! This exhibition goes from 05 to 08 November in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is known as the biggest event in PPE & WorkSafety area and is held only every 2 years. (Read more…)

Segmented reflective tape XM-8011C certified to EN 469 & EN 20471

In June 2019, new reflective tape XM-8011Cegmented has passed testing in SATRA lab (UK). XM-8011C consists of PU film for use on FR-clothing, it is made with Reflective micro-beads and Flame Retardant substance. Now XM-8011C has been washed 50 cycles at 60°C and it has endured successfully the washes. (Read more…)

Flame retardant reflective tape XM-6010 renewed EN 469 and EN 20471 Certificate

Flame retardant reflective tape is the most popular and demanded in the assortment of the company XM SilverLine. It is designed for firefighter clothing and high visibility clothing. This year, this reflective tape has expired certificate validity for compliance with the standards EN469 and EN20471. That is why we sent a reflective tape from a new batch for testing to the SATRA laboratory in the UK. (Read more…)

The last batch of reflective tape XM-6023TT received a certificate EN 20471 in SATRA laboratory

The budget high-grade reflective tape XM-6023-TT made by 100% polyester grossgrain ribbon. This ribbon has high reflectivity, it is very light and it better fits light clothes, like safety vests. In October 2018 the last batch of reflective tape XM-6023TT received a certificate EN 20471 in SATRA laboratory. (Read more…)

FR Reflective tape XM-7010 has successfully passed the tests for EN 20471 and EN 469

Flame retardant reflective tape XM SilverLine XM-7010, made of 100% meta-aramid specially for protective clothing of people engaged in flammable conditions: firefighters, welders, rescuers. It has proved itself not only thanks to its high resistance to washing, but also excellent … Continued (Read more…)

How to apply heat transfer FR reflective tape XM-6015

This silver heat transfer reflective tape is flame resistant. It is made for High Visibility of people working at the risk of fire. Certified to EN469 and EN20471, XM-6015 FR-tape resists 50 wash cycles at 60°C. You can use it for fr-clothing, where stitching of reflective tape is not an option. (Read more…)

Segmented reflective tape XM-6007C is EN 20471 certified

Reflective tape XM-6007C is designed for better flexibility of HiVis clothing. The tape is segmented and it allows to the wearer’s body more comfort and breathability. This reflective tape is especially useful when applied to soft-shell kind of jackets or pants. In December, 2017 this reflective tape has been tested in a laboratory SATRA (UK) and received EN 20471 certificate. (Read more…)

FR Reflective tape XM-6012 has been certified to EN 20471

Flame retardant reflective tape XM-6012 increases the visibility of wearer in difficult weather conditions and ensure maximum protection for people working at the risk of flame or open fire. In October, 2017 our retroreflective tape XM-6012 has obtained the certificate of conformity to standard EN 20471:2013. (Read more…)

XM-6002 has obtained the EN 20471 certificate in Aitex laboratory in Spain

Reflective tape XM-6002 designed and manufactured by XM SilverLine for mild conditions of use with approximate number of domestic washes to be 25 cycles (at 60oC). It is purposed for EN 20471 HiVis vests, jackets, pants etc. It is made with 100% polyester backing and micro-beads layer on the surface. In March, 2017 this reflective tape was tested in the laboratory Aitex in Spain and received a certificate of compliance with EN 20471 standard. (Read more…)

Reflective tape XM-6005B is resistant to industrial laundry (complies with certificate EN 20471)

Our top quality reflective tape 6005B has been tested for industrial laundry and confirmed its high performance excelling EN 20471 requirements even after multiple industrial washes. Now we can offer you another sign of excellence for XM SilverLine – the EN 20471 certificate for our XM-6005B top grade reflective tape. In January, 2016 all the tests were conducted in Aitex laboratory in Spain. (Read more…)

Reflective tape XM-6005 has been certified to EN 20471 ion Aitex Laboratory

The reflective tape XM-6005 is one of our bestsellers, designed and manufactured by XM SilverLine specialy for Hi-Visability clothing. In December, 2015 our retroreflective tape XM-6005 has obtained the certificate of conformity to standard EN ISO 20471:2013 in Aitex laboratory.
(Read more…)

XM-7104 FR reflective tape has passed EN 469

In July, 2015 our flame retardant reflective tape XM-7104/10 LISO-10 has been tested for flame resistance according to EN 469 (Protective clothing for fire fighting). Our new flame retardant reflective tape XM-7104 designed and manufactured by XM SilverLine for for people who work with open fire or risk of fire. (Read more…)

Perforated reflective tape XM-6010P complies with NFPA 2112

XM SilverLine™ has designed a new reflective tape XM-6010P to make it breathable for better comfort of firefighters and yet to be flame resistant to comply with NFPA 2112. In August 2014, to prove its high performance reflective tape XM-6010P has undergone tests in Aitex Labaratory (Spain): (Read more…)

FR Reflective tape XM-6012 has passed NFPA 2112 after 100x wash cycles

In June 2014, the high efficiency and compliance with the NFPA 2112 Standards of our XM-6012 reflective tape was confirmed by tests conducted in the Aitex Laboratory in Spain. It is designed for High Visibility and to ensure maximum protection of people working at the risk of flame, sparks or open fire. (Read more…)

Reflective tape XM-6011 (Malta) certified to EN 20471 & EN 469 in SATRA Laboratory

Our silver flame retardant reflective tape resists 180°C heat and limited influence of flame and continue to reflect and make wearer more visible at such conditions. It can be sewn on FR workwear, police/army or emergency uniform. In February 2014 reflective tape XM-6011 has confirmed top quality and high reflective ability of XM SilverLine reflective tapes. (Read more…)