XM Textiles presents a new range of high quality reflective tapes, which are developed under a brand name XM SilverLineTM.
At XM Textiles we have many years of high-tech innovations both in FR and Retroreflective technologies. We are proud of our quality control of all manufacturing processes and following the industry standards.


Our comprehensive range of tapes and trims are designed to deliver the desired retroreflective and flame resistant characteristics that make our products the optimal choice for manufacturers of quality safety workwear. Our broad assortment is supported by a client-oriented approach. This means we also develop custom style and size of reflective tapes and trims. Thus, we help our clients to create unique yet compliant with safety standards design increasing their profit margin in PPE business. In simple words – we help you to make more money!
Our sophisticated product offer, worldwide network and commitment to innovation and quality make us your natural choice for a truly global partner.
XM SilverLineTM products are available globally to ensure consistent quality and optimum service across our supply chain.


XM SilverLineTM assortment of tapes and trims is a range of high quality reflective tapes for workwear, protective clothing, apparel and accessories. When illuminated by a light source, XM SilverLine reflective tapes help to enhance the visibility in nighttime or in difficult weather conditions.

In combination with fluorescent parts of clothing, XM SilverLineTM tapes improve daytime and low light visibility. All road workers, police, emergency, firefighters, industrial workers where increased visibility is needed to prevent incidents – they all should use certified reflective tapes and they all benefit from using XM SilverLineTM tapes.
XM SilverLineTM tapes and trims are available in flame resistant and non flame resistant versions suitable for domestic and industrial wash applications.
All the products meet and exceed the requirements of key high visibility (EN 20471, ANSI 107) and heat and flame resistant norms (EN 469, NFPA 2112) – maximum performance is guaranteed.





Our clients are workwear manufacturers and Personal Protective Equipment wholesale companies from all over the world. Nowadays, we supply fabrics to Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, South and North America and Africa. With a global reach we keep a personal touch to you and to each our customer.
Due to many years of cooperation, our clients keep choosing XM SilverLine Reflective tapes because of our efficient multilingual client service, strict quality control of each manufacturing lot and our adherence to the terms of delivery.
Become our client and make your order now, save your time and money!


We are proud of a high quality of our XM SilverLine regular (non-FR) reflective tapes and XM SilverLineTM FR reflective tapes. At XM Textiles we have many years of high-tech innovations both in FR and Retroreflective technologies. Our quality control of all manufacturing processes and following the industry standards gives you a confidence that XM SilverLine tapes and trims will reliable work for many years safeguarding your workers. We are especially keen on following the requirements of American and European safety standards (NFPA 2112, EN 469, EN 20471/EN 471, ANSI 107), that is why all XM SilverLine FR reflective tapes undergo double checking. First, at our factory and then, at third party certified international laboratories (SGS, SATRA, AITEX etc.).
The important part of our testing is a number of washing of reflective tape during the testing. We wash every tape at least 25 times at 60C. Only after such extensive washing we check its Retro-reflection index (R) and Flame Resistance performance (for FR-tapes).
By doing this, our clients can be sure that every lot of our FR-tapes has been tested properly and met the norms.
You can always request the test report and see real values tested. We have separate test report and certificate on each XM SilverLine FR reflective tape with clear indication of an article of the tape and often with a photo of a tape (when possible). You can learn more about XM Textiles’ quality standards on our special page «Quality»

We have invested heavily in regular testing and certifying of our products to let you be sure in the quality of our reflective tapes.


Our mission is to safeguard life and health of all workers in risky environment by providing reflective materials to make them more visible.
To reach this mission, we do count every detail creating retroreflective tapes and trims to comply with main European and American standards. We have tested and certified of our products to the following safety standards: EN 471, EN 20471, EN469, NFPA 2112 etc.
Moreover, XM SilverLineTM has proven the high quality of its Reflecting tapes by certifying them in third-party international laboratories.


XM Textiles, the owner of XM SilverLine brand, is represented by a group of companies located in China, Europe and South America.
That gives you more flexibility to buy our Flame Resistance Reflective tapes, whether you need them in Germany, Poland, Italy, UK, Turkey, Greece, Romania or in Canada, USA, Brazil and other countries.
Order our Reflective tapes and trims directly from China, purchase them from European warehouse in Lithuania or buy them through South-American office in Brazil!


Thanks to a broad range of our Reflective tapes, you can order from us different types of them, either Flame Resistant of non-Flame Resistant, we have them all.
This gives you more competitive power among other manufactures of Personal Protective Equipment, when firms who buy FR-workwear ask for more and more customizable approach. By using aramid fabrics or Flame Retardant fabrics made of cotton and cotton blends, when it is acceptable to substitute expensive aramid, your FR-workwear business may significantly increase your profit.
Over the years, XM Textiles has acquired extensive experience on the markets of Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Based on our experience we offer XM SilverLineTM Reflective tapes fabrics of various composition (100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, 100% Meta-Aramid, TC 65/35) with different styles and colors.
Choose Reflective materials with properties you need and style you like – we deliver tapes and trims made by your order!
Have a look at XM SilverLine™ reflective tapes range, which consists of 5 main groups: